Although mostly residential, this highly sought-after neighborhood is home to a comfortable combination of restaurants, historic attractions and shops that are guaranteed to meet the needs of residents and visitors. Residents boast that the cobblestone streets and picture-perfect homes surrounding the iconic Washington Square are the same that the nation’s founders enjoyed hundreds of years ago. Additionally, the areas proximity to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell at the Independence Visitor Center lend to the historical pride of the neighborhood. The area is also home to Spruce Street Harbor Park, lauded as one of the best urban beaches in America by JetSetter Magazine, and has served as a Delaware River waterfront oasis since 2014. The beloved seasonal park offers the chance to lounge in colorful hammocks, enjoy local eats on floating barges, and cool off with craft beers in the beer garden while playing yard games along the boardwalk. Real estate in the area is exquisite and buying a residence in the Society Hill neighborhood often means buying a piece of history to call home.